Friday, February 24, 2012


Whilst everyone is a-buzz with the scarf trend *as spotted EVERYWHERE in Cpt*
I am more into the Tubarn side..
No No, i am not shying or dismissing the scarves, they are rather cute aswell

But this is what i prefer

I love the different twist Solange Knowles gave this look.. a touch of Africa..

See ladies, Iqhiya / Dokkie is not just something you wrap around to protect your hair during the night

Like i said, i am not dismissing the scarves idea..

For those of us who waited for people to get done with Colour blocking, i think this trend would go in well with a bit of colour.. dont you think?

Just adding my 2 cents worth!

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  1. omg! i want one!! it looksss soo good!! :D love your blog btw ^^ come visit mine and follow me if u want! thanks before!! looks like u're a new blogger, good luck in the blogging world ^^