Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Whilst im still swallowing the bitter pill of "COUGAR" tendencies around me..
I thought I should give this rather interesting topic a different perspective!
Be open minded about other people's options.. not like im living in ancient times when age gap relationships are a taboo!
I must admit though.. something sexy about the OLDER CROWD! girls these days love their Man as much as they love their FATHERS! And vise verse for the gents!

So is it really a MIND OVER MATTER issue?
Whether a relationship successeds or not, Age has nothing to do with it!

These couples seem to be on the right track!

So what Celin Dion and husband had to undergo 6 in vitros! in the end, they got Twins

I for one believe Mariah is at her happiest with Nick! Yes there's a age gap between them, and a bigger gap in their networth!  who's counting anyways?

Early days for these Newly Weds.. Zizi and Zama ! *too pretty for him thats for sure!*

And these couples got it wrong!

Lets face it people... a TOYBOY will in the end want to go and play with his Mates! ontanga bakhe!
Ask Demi Moore.. she was left licking the wounds!

Of course with this topic, Finances will always play some sort of role! 
Its the first speculations people will have! .. "She's in it for his money/Hes in it for her money"

Something that relates to Kanyi Mbau

First it was her and Daddy Mandla..

And than he got broke and she got bored! 
Being a girl with a plan... of course she got another FATHER CHRISTMAS

But in the end, true love prevailed

And them BOOM! Juju drops a rather Hot bomb! Sadly never to be seen again!

I dont know who Juju was into more! Her :

or her :

And then there are those couples whom we cant imagine to be with other people!

The Carters for instance!

We will all pretend like we are not aware 12 year Gap !
Like i said, who's counting?

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