Monday, April 23, 2012


Big sisters.. it is our duty, our privileged and right to make sure
that we are not out shined by our younger siblings!
Their duty is to remain wanting to be us! :)

What has happened to Venus Williams needs to be stopped!
She lets Serena get all the attention... she even let him have Common and Drake! Kanjani?????

And than Manaka Ranaka???? Why are you letting yourself go like that? 
Come on girl! put your lipgloss and heels on! 
Dineo Ranaka may have been given the boot off Yfm, but she still looks hot!

Eish Beyonce.. its time you pull up your socks too! 

We know you are a mom now and your breasts are still dripping with milk! but please...

See my frustration :

Thanx Kourtney for holding things down for the Team! 

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