Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lest we forget

I truly feel sorry for the kids nowadays!
I wish they too were born in the 90's.. 
Fresh produces of the post apartied era.. 
Gosh life was whimsical back than, total bliss i tell you

We made long hair with our jersey's, sang along to pop english songs we didnt even know lyrics too.. 
Remember the Spice Girls era??? My word! 
Times long before Destiny's Child came along...

Remember the Spice Lollipops?

Our Television screens were packed with child friendly cartoons, nothing vulgar like South Park!
I shall say No more

im just going to kill you with this jingle.. kwaaaaaaaaaaa

Forget Miley Freaken Cyres! have you ever came across Mandisa Nakana and the YoTv squad? 
Ever heard the YoTv song???? Waar was jy?

Okay, than Kwaito came along! Boom Shaka Mara he...
That was as far as we knew about Sex and Sexuality and what being "Sexy" meant and looked  like
They didnt sing anything about slicing and chopping whoever's khekhe!

Before there were abo Trey Songz ... Doc Shebeleza and Mbongeni Ngema drove alot of women mad nje!!
Thambo lam le Kentucky, Sambrela sam samalanga! aaaauuuuwwwww! lol

I wouldn't trade the memories and the beauty of growing up as a South African Child! Lest We Forget!


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  1. LOL!You so made my day,Makoya 90's kid you are...woke up early for toons and slept late for channel O;My brother and I would dance like there was no tomorrow(till the channel closed and that whiny sound with the colours came on that is)In between those-we baked mud cakes with real sugar that we stole from home,made long nails from that wax you get from cheese,beauty contests[condense] were a national sport back then,food was 'whatever',rode bikes,caught worms when it rained,played house/school/taxi,made kites,Push a push-pop,Rocket sherbet,Handy-Andy & wire cars,made slings that worked,played in long grass then dreaded those itchy evening baths,(i could go on for daayyyz)...*far away nostalgic stare*