Friday, March 9, 2012



This is really not personal, strictly business and these men really get to business when it comes to Fashion!
They have earned their title from needle to thread!

Valentino Garavain

A retired soldier of fashion, who showed his last ready to wear women's range in Paris, October 4th, 2008. Valentino has dressed the likes of Liz Hurley to Miley Cyrus in his signature color red!

Miley Cyrus in a Valentino Gown

Karl Lagerfeld

From having a high fan base in Kanye West to probably being Adele's least favourite person..(assuming so coz he called her FAT!). Its still no secret that this man, knows what he is doing clothing wise!

Check how he owns the thrown! :

Its very seldom that i am out of words, but when it comes to Gavin Rajah, i really go all silent! 

Wouldn't you keep quite if you were to see this :
Candice Butcher 2011, this is daring.. breaking boundaries!

David Tlale

This devil for me, really wears "Prada", you never know what he will do next! from Prominent garments gracing Mandela Bridge to Paris, New York fashion week.. to creating those shocking costumes worn by Somizi! 

Marc Jacobs

i just love him... He is on of the best living legends

did i mention he is also the king of eye wear?

now you know!

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