Friday, March 16, 2012

Autumn leaves

The Cape Town weather today is a clear indication that cooler days are upon us.
Intimate times for those who are glued up with partners..
And for the rest of us, we have the pleasure of "dressing up' more.

Key Items for any cold days :

The leather Jacket (still in search for the one that suits me best)
Im Loving Ciara's and her over all look...

Boots / High platform shoes

The Beanie..

My favourite.. Colour stolking / tights

The good quality pants

Dont forgot the Scarf!

For this Key item, you need to stretch your dollar a bit further than you would usually.. 
this peace needs to be timeless... 
The Trench Coat..

Here's an example from Burberry :

Feast your eyes on some more Burberry..
Autumn/Winter Range 2012

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