Monday, December 10, 2012

All i want for Christmas...

Couple of days till we mark the end of 2012!
and frankly i wouldn't be more happier about that.... its been one exhausting year with challenges
beyond my comprehension level!
2013 for me means a whole new world! a YEAR OF SECOND CHANCES and choices!
and in 2013, i chose to look and feel good!

So santa, i have been a good girl (depending on what your description of good is) and i deserve :

1. Good,durable handbag! in desperate need of this :

2. LOVELY pair of gorg heels!

3. Custom made to fit and tailed number, just for me! 

4. Gosh can i just ditch the carbs in exchange of a good and well balanced diet? or should i keep eating what  i want and pray it will shrink my jean size?

5. Bandla nkulu nkulu... can i have a model look alike typa boo? tired of "ONOMBI" lol 

6. Santa.. please guide me to keep off and away Alcohol! *weakness in me begging and pleading for mercy*

7. More good times with good people!

8. Can i get a REFILL in my piggie bank? Thanks! 

9.  A new ride! Lord you know i deserve this... 


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