Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beautiful Imperfections....

Individually, we are created with physiques that become "bar codes" or things that marks our own uniqueness!
Shamefully, we don't embrace these so called "imperfections"... forgetting that beauty is not in the eye
of Judging society!

Imagine where these beautiful souls that we soo admire today would have been if they had listed to what someone else has regarded as "ACCEPTABLE BEAUTY"?

Noni Gasa, Phelipe Mazibuko & Carmen Solomon makes me wanna have FRECKLES!

Whilst the world makes huge hoo haaa about the color of skin...
Diandra Forrest, Refilwe Modiselle, Shaun Ross & Thando Hopa have become renowned supermodels &  ambassadors for Albinos around the world! How Gorgeous are they!

South Sudanese black beauty Alek Wek never let anyone define her by the color of her skin either...

Iman and Liya Kebede's origins made the world take note 

Only in certain parts of Africa are big and bold women regarded as beautiful, that surely didnt bother Plus Size Super models :
Toccara Jones, Tara Lynn & Whitney Thompson... 

Amber Rose shifted from being embraced as a Porn Icon to being celebrated as the woman who refused to look like the rest!

Nandi Mngoma knew for a fact she is not her hair!

In essence, be proud to be in the skin granted to you , You are Divinely made and favored! 


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