Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Never have i fathomed myself to being a cougar in making! *giggles in shyly*
But my word, something sweet about young men..
i wouldn't have known this if i continued with my skepticism and low tolerance of older women clinging their paws onto the skins of their young cubs!
Let me reassure you, there is nothing .. no let me refrase THERE IS ABSOLUTELY nothing young and innocent about these cubs..
For a matter of fact, its the other way around!

Yes world, i am smitten by a 20yr old!  (im 22)

Im not the only one!

These ladies understand my bittersweet trauma..

The only trend i notice about these relationships, is that... it never ends well! 
For now, lets rather focus on the good that comes with being Cougar mama...

Yes Jamie Foxx and Oprah are not an item, but mama O cant help herself with Jamie...
Coz just like he said, A aint B when with him.. dont make sense right now but it will.. Jamie it makes clear sense to me now! lol 

And in case you didnt know.. They are reuniting! 
Cant keep away Demi????? 

They are still happy and going strong


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